Hockey Families taking care of their own.



To support individuals and organizations within the hockey community who have experienced a catastrophic event.

What We Do

Through an amazing community across multiple continents, our team seeks out amazing individuals and organizations who are part of the international hockey family to support with donations and grants.

Get in Touch

Whether it is a team looking to expand the game in an under privileged area or a hockey family who has suffered an unspeakable loss, we look to take care of our own. We have a committee of folks across the United States and Canada who review requests on a monthly basis.


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The PenaltyBox Foundation was launched in 2018 by Drew P. Laine as a way to connect and support the North American Hockey Community. It’s mission is to provide micro grants and donations to individuals and organizations who have experienced a catastrophic event and need assistance staying in the game. Officially The PenaltyBox Relief Fund DBA The PenaltyBox Foundation, we are an IRS approved 501c3 organization. “We take care of our own.”