What Do We do?

The Foundation’s mission is to help those within the hockey community who have experienced a catastrophic event. 

Hockey Donations

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We understand that hockey is expensive and keeping skaters on the ice can be a task, even more so when there are unexpected or troubling events that happen. The PenaltyBox Foundation carves a portion of their monthly budget out to help individuals and families in the international hockey community who could use a hand.

Hockey Grants

PenaltyBox Foundation Equipment Donation

One of the biggest expenses that players and families supporting keeping skates on the ice is equipment. From skates that need new blades, to bags that have holes in them, to helmets that have cracked foam – we work with partners across the hockey industry to help out those who may need a hand getting a new piece of equipment.

Hockey Events

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Our team has been putting on fundraising events for different organizations and programs for over 20 years. Whether it is an international tournament, car wash or cook-out, we can help your program develop and put on a fundraiser for the ages. We do require a donation from the event directly back to the PenaltyBox Foundation.

Hockey Equipment


Our Grants are given to hockey related organizations who need a little extra help through the year. Whether it’s getting a team to a state tournament, replacing stolen equipment or getting new lights in the arena, we are here to help. We require an application and due diligence process, but work to grant funds to approved programs on a monthly basis.

Interested In Working With Us?

We rely on our volunteers and families to let us know what is happening out in the hockey community. If you know of a family or individual in need or who has an amazing story, let us know! If you know of a program that could use some help, let us know!